Manufacturing facilities

Deccan Fine Chemicals offers commercial scale manufacturing at its multi-product, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art, batch-type, DCS-based (distributed control system) manufacturing facilities located in three sites across India – Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa. With high level of automation, advanced equipment and environmentally-compliant processes and systems, Deccan’s sites adhere to the highest quality, safety and sustainability standards..

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Machines used for manufacturing of chemical substances
Multiple test tubes in line of two different all in line respectively, a dropper and a microscope
R&D facilities

Deccan Fine Chemicals provides complete infrastructure for supporting the entire product & process development life cycle at its sites and for achieving optimal scale up to industrial production. These include modern synthesis labs, analytical labs, kilo labs, pilot plants and process safety labs which are equipped with world-class laboratory equipment & instrumentation and managed by well qualified, experienced and dedicated technology and engineering teams.

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