Project Management

Deccan Fine Chemicals employs a well-established, proven process for managing new product introductions (NPIs). Each stage of the product delivery process is supported by in-depth technical assessment, process safety and environmental hazard studies, process flow designing and quality assurance. We also carefully integrate all regulatory requirements, commercial and customer needs into our project planning.

For all new projects, we have a multidisciplinary project team under the direction of a project manager. This project team consists of members representing multiple functions such as process technology, process engineering & safety, manufacturing, QA/QC, procurement, and regulatory.

A gantt chart of a particular project for seamless project management

Project manager is the key point of contact for our customers, who keeps our customers informed of the progress of the project from initiation to completion. Our project managers are trained to ensure on-time delivery of project adhering to relevant budgetary and QA standards of our customers.

We have adequate resources to take up new projects and deliver in quick time. We are never constrained by availability of R&D and / or manufacturing resources.

In addition, at Deccan we dedicate a lot our time and resources to ensure seamless change management across a variety of activities such as process changes, product changeovers, equipment / software changes, procedure changes, material / supplier changes and people changes.