Manufacturing facilities

Deccan Fine Chemicals offers commercial scale manufacturing at its multi-product, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art, batch-type, DCS-based (distributed control system) manufacturing facilities located in three sites across India – Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa. With high level of automation, advanced equipment and environmentally-compliant processes and systems, Deccan’s sites adhere to the highest quality, safety and sustainability standards..

Andhra Pradesh

Ankleshwar manufacturing plant of deccan chemicals in the state of gujrat



At our three sites, Deccan has integrated manufacturing facilities spread over multiple acres. These sites are regularly audited by leading international customers for QA and EHS systems for their products. Our multi-purpose sites are committed to meeting strict health, safety and environmental protection standards. At our sites, we can take products from gram to kilo to tonne quantities and efficiently scale up to commercial production.

Deccan’s sites include integrated manufacturing infrastructure such as production plants, administrative buildings, laboratories, pilot plants, warehouse (separate sections for raw materials, quarantine products, and finished goods), power generating equipment, utilities buildings, advanced effluent treatment facilities, maintenance shops, tank farms, etc. Deccan operates several multipurpose chemical manufacturing plants at its three sites with well over 100 reactors and ample space for quick and efficient capacity expansion to meet ever growing demand in our core markets. Our multipurpose manufacturing plants are capable of handling a series of unit operations and performing many types of chemical reactions. Our multipurpose plants consist of highly specialized equipment to enhance flexibility in production capability.

In the wet section of our plants specialized equipment includes low temperature and high temperature reactors, high pressure reactors, fractional rectification columns, thin film evaporators, etc. Our reactors are comprised of MOC such as MS glass lined, SS, and hastelloy and have a wide range of capacity (10m3 to 35m3) for high flexibility. In the dry section, we have equipment such as conventional dryers, cone dryers, helix dryers, RVPDs, nutsche-dryer combinations, spray dryers, packaging / labeling machines, and others. Our facilities are also capable of handling a variety of chemical reactions such as hydrogenation, phosgenization, Friedel-Crafts alkylation, Grignard reactions, chlorination, fluorination, asymmetric synthesis etc.

Whether we are dealing with a few kilos during product development or handling tons of material for the marketplace – we apply stringent  quality and sustainability standards such as cGMP and ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 throughout the entire production process. Our optimal production infrastructure ensures new projects are implemented quickly and provides invaluable support as our customers develop and commercialize new products.

We pride ourselves in operation and continuous improvement of plant and processes which result in a compliant, responsive and reliable delivery of cost effective crop protection and specialty chemical products to our valued customers.

Customers are encouraged to visit our sites to review our fully integrated manufacturing infrastructure.