R&D Facilities

Deccan Fine Chemicals provides complete infrastructure for supporting the entire product & process development lifecycle at its sites and for achieving optimal scale up to industrial production. These include modern synthesis labs, analytical labs, kilo labs, pilot plants and process safety labs which are equipped with world-class laboratory equipment & instrumentation and managed by highly qualified & dedicated technology and engineering teams.

Performing some chemical experiment in a erlenmeyer flask

Chemical Synthesis

A chemical engineer performing some experiment

Analytical Development

Machines used for manufacturing of pilot scale chemical substances

Pilot Scale Manufacturing

Our facilities include:
  • Synthesis laboratories
  • Analytical development laboratories
  • Kilo laboratories
  • Pilot scale plants
  • Process Safety laboratory
  • Pressure labs
  • Formulation labs

We utilize bench scale laboratories, kilo-labs and pilot plants to achieve optimal scale up to industrial production. Our synthesis labs are equipped with a number of workstations and fume hoods, jacketed reactors, automated reactors setups for controlled reactions, distillation setups, with complete online utilities to support a wide range of chemical reactions. Our flexible Kilo Lab is our initial platform for scale up. Our piloting facilities enable us to generate new-plant output data and provide flexible services for multi-purpose, small-scale production to meet customer demands for starting materials, advanced intermediates and APIs. Our pilot plants carry out various reactions including high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic, etc. and a variety of unit operations. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified scientists, process and analytical chemists and engineers to manage the facilities round the clock.