Technology & Engineering

Technology and Engineering (T&E) is a core competency of Deccan. At Deccan, we integrate process technology and process engineering to discover innovative technological solutions through close collaboration with our customers. Our capabilities range from synthesis of new-age chemistry to handling multi-step complex reactions. Our goal is to develop state-of-the-art chemical solutions and services to generate sustainable value to our customers. T&E department at Deccan includes a dedicated team of highly qualified scientists, process and analytical chemists and engineers led by subject matter experts with global industry experience.

Chemical formulas written on a blackboard in back with chemical lab equipment like test tubes, burner and a round bottom flask

At Deccan, T&E department supports a number of services such as contract research, process development and optimization, process engineering, creation of additional capacity by process intensification, optimum capacity utilization, HSEQ support, scale-up, cGMP contract manufacturing, pilot scale quantities, and custom synthesis. T&E department also continues to increase the efficiency of process for existing products by developing processes that involve fewer steps, by increasing the yield, product concentration or reducing reaction time, or by eliminating production bottle necks. We have dedicated teams for life cycle management of later stage products to manage costs.

Our T&E department also provides process safety services, hazard analysis and risk assessment services, and evaluation of chemical reaction hazards and fire and explosion hazards to ensure high quality and safe production. Before any new process is introduced into our production facility it is thoroughly screened for potential hazards. Deccan’s established SOPs and protocols for new product introductions include comprehensive safety training.

Through deep collaboration with our customers, our T&E department optimizes route design, process development, validation, scale-up and commercial production to shorten the time-to-market and generate value to our customers.