Process safety Scientist/ Process Safety Assessor
  1. Corlim, Goa

  2. Posted : June 19, 2017

  3. Full-Time

Details about the requirement
  1. Experience:
    3-5 years in Process development/ Process Engineering & process Safety in Pharmaceutical/ Fine chemicals industry
  2. Qualification:
    M.Sc. (Organic chemistry), B. Tech/M. Tech in Chemical Engineering
  3. Requirement:
Job Description Summary

Deccan fine Chemicals is on the look out for Process chemists/ Engineers who are keen to work on the identification and assessment of process hazards associated with the chemical processes for safe scale up and manufacturing. While candidates with minimum experience in process safety are preferred, candidates with experience in process development/ process engineering who are genuinely interested in learning and applying the principles of engineering for process safety will also be considered.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Carry out experimentation for process safety data generation and Hazard assessment.
  • Carry out Experimental risk assessments, maintain the overall basis of safety
  • Prepare and issue Process safety data generated for hazard assessment thru hazard reports
  • Ensure all work and information is recorded in an electronic format/Lab note book
  • Acquire and develop skills, behaviors and experiences, as a key member of the Process safety
  • Support documentation and to report progress and issues
  • To follow all the instructions and guidelines, in particular those concerning HSE
  • Plan and carry out laboratory work and semi-technical work to develop and test new and improved manufacturing processes in order to meet agreed targets and time scale.
  • Actively participate in the Process Risk Assessments to communicate the process hazards to key stakeholders.
Skill set required
  • Has an awareness of what constitutes fire & explosion and chemical reaction hazards and some understanding of the key properties & parameters
  • Aware of the general guidance relating to process hazards
  • To ensure maintenance and smooth running of process hazards equipments to eliminate delays in data generation.
  • Able to complete the standard Process Risk Assessment forms with reference to the relevant supporting documentation
  • Understands the key implications of process hazards data (e.g. risks of decomposition, frictional or electrostatic ignition hazards etc.)
  • Understands and follows the safety policies applicable to the lab
Knowledge, experience and capabilities
  • Must have MSc in Organic Chemistry or Chemical Engg degree
  • Good understanding of process chemistry and Process development in the pharma/fine chemical industry
  • Appreciation of high process safety standards – basic theoretical and practical experience.
  • Thorough and practical knowledge of Experimentation and work procedures.
  • Hands on experience in operating and data interpretation of equipments associated with the study of Chemical Reaction Hazards and Dust
  • explosion hazards will be preferred
  • Appreciation of laboratory safety best practices and ecology norms
  • General applied equipment knowledge attained
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